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George Neiderer Pools is proud of its track record of providing excellent service to our customers. We offer many ways to make owning your pool a safe and enjoyable experience.

Pool Opening
Don't want to OPEN your swimming pool this year?

Please call us! we will be happy to take all that hard work opening your pool off your hands!

Call to schedule your Spring pool opening. Our time slots are filling fast so call today. 717-632-3101 or 717-465-5241

Weekly Pool Maintenance
Let our team of pool professionals handle all of your pool maintenance needs.
Call today. 717-632-3101 or 717-465-5241

We provide weekly swimming pool cleaning services during the swimming season to ensure safe swimming and prolong the life of your pool.

During our cleaning we make sure to gather up leaves, insects, or any other debris floating on the surface of the pool. We also brush any dirt from the sides or bottom of the pool and vacuum it out.

We will monitor your pool's circulation system (skimmer, pump, pump strainer, drains, and filter). Doing so helps chemicals work effectively and ensures that water is properly filtered from the swimming pool.

Finally we will provide regular shock treatments to cleanse the water of algae, bacteria, dirt, or any other organic matter to keep your pool safe for your swimmers. Keeping up regular treatments will prevent bacteria and algae growth, cloudy water, chlorine odor and eye irritation and save you money.

Pool Closing
Pool Closings: are paramount to the survival of your pool.
Proper procedures can make the difference and life expectancy of your pool paradise.
Our professional staff will properly and carefully close your pool down for the winter protecting your pool and its pipes and equipment from the harsh Pennsylvania and Maryland Winters!

Call us now to schedule your Fall pool closing. Our time slots are filling fast so call today.
717-632-3101 or 717-465-5241

Please give us a call today.

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We have the best available now San Juan Pools - George Neiderer Pools In Hanover and

fiberglass pools for sale


inground pool companies

.   When craftsmanship and quality count, make sure your next
inground pool companies
is well constructed and built to last.   We build the smallest San Juan Pools - George Neiderer Pools In Hanover and

fiberglass pools for sale


inground pool companies

.   Many of our customers are looking for immediate delivery and installation of a

fiberglass pools for sale

and we are also ready to help with

inground pool companies

.   Largest spa available with seats.   All depths, sizes, shapes and colors of San Juan Pools - George Neiderer Pools in Hanover and fiberglass pool installation, fiberglass swimming pool are available.   Getting started is as quick as picking up the phone and calling today.   The first time we show you your new
fiberglass pools for sale
you will be amazed that so much can be accomplished in such a short period of time.   Some customers are also trying to locate where they can go to get in-ground swimming pool ready for immediate installation.   Our storage facility, is full with inground pools, fiberglass in ground pools, inground pool companies, and San Juan Pools - George Neiderer Pools in Hanover. If you plan ahead and get your orders in we can be ready to ship today.   We would also like to help you when your ready for a Fiberglass Pool.   Instock fiberglass inground pools, fiberglass pool maintenance, fiberglass swimming pool installation, fiberglass pool kits inground and pool with spa ready for immediate delivery.   Many of our Best San Juan Pools - George Neiderer Pools In Hanover come together with the aide of proper layout and imagination.   If you are ready for a great deal on a new San Juan Pools - George Neiderer Pools In Hanover and are looking to invest in a

fiberglass pools for sale

or a

inground pool companies

then we should be able to help you with planning and budgeting for your project.  Time slots are filling up fast so don't delay!    Trends are changing every day so make sure that the Pools Fiberglass your looking for will keep looking great ten years from now. Last year the hot ideas were Pool Shell, Preformed Pools Prices and Fiberglass Pool And Spa Combo.    We always have the best prices on San Juan Pools - George Neiderer Pools In Hanover.